Pet's Delight, located at 725 Fair Oaks Ave. South Pasadena, Ca 91030, is a full-service pet store, specializing in finding your perfect match in a pet. We have many types of pets to choose from, including puppieskittens, little fuzzies(rodents), reptiles, birds, rabbits and fish. We even have a rescue program, where we work with several local rescue agencies, helping to place homeless dogs and cats in their forever homes!


Our store has a level of knowledge and dedication that sets Pet's Delight apart from all other pet stores in these and surrounding communities. Most importantly Pet's Delight takes pride in being able to provide the largest selection of available pets you are likely to find in one location. Add to this a complete line of foods, supplements, toys, furniture, apparel, along with other "critters" and you have a top-notch, service oriented establishment ready to cater to you and your pet needs. If you have any questions please call us at 626-799-2935 or contact us here.


  • Dogs Use The Parent-Child Bonding Mechanism to Make us Love Them

    And we totally fell for it

    Scientists have finally worked out why you love your dog just like a child. New research has shown that when you look into your dog's eyes, it triggers a spike in the "love hormone" oxytocin in both species, which is the same mechanism that helps mothers bond with their newborn babies.
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  • Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982

    It's no secret that tortoises are among the most resilient animals on Earth...

    ...perfectly adapted for life in natural environments that others would find inhospitable. But for one particularly tenacious pet tortoise, that hardy sense of survival allowed it to endure for decades in the most unnatural of places.
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  • What are Cats Thinking? Inside the Mind of the World’s Most Uncooperative Research Subject

    “We did one study on cats—and that was enough!”

    Those words effectively ended my quest to understand the feline mind. I was a few months into writing Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship With Cats and Dogs, which explores how pets are blurring the line between animal and person, and I was gearing up for a chapter on pet intelligence. I knew a lot had been written about dogs, and I assumed there must be at least a handful of studies on cats. But after weeks of scouring the scientific world for someone—anyone—who studied how cats think, all I was left with was this statement, laughed over the phone to me by one of the world’s top animal cognition experts, a Hungarian scientist named Ádám Miklósi.
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  • Stray dog who Raced 430 Miles to a Better Home

    Arthur latched on to an extreme sports team during Amazon race - and what happened next will melt the hardest heart.

    Exhausted, covered in mud and desperately hungry, a team of Swedish athletes sat down for a meal as they prepared to take on a dangerous 20-mile trek through the Ecuadorian rainforest.
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  • Scents and Sensitivity: Dogs Know When We're Happy or Angry

    Science is proving what pet owners have long believed

    Dogs understand what we're feeling. Specifically, dogs can recognize the difference between a happy and an angry human face, a study published Thursday in Current Biology suggests.
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  • Seattle dog's rush hour ride: on the bus, by herself, weekly

    SEATTLE -- Public transit in Seattle has gone to the dogs.

    Commuters in Belltown report seeing a Black Labrador riding the bus alone in recent weeks. The 2-year old has been spotted roaming the aisles, hopping onto seats next to strangers, and even doing her part to clean the bus -- by licking her surroundings.
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  • Can I Have A Pet Fox?

    Do a YouTube search for pretty much any smallish animal you can think of and there'll be several videos of a "tame" or

    Any feline, any canid, any mustelid (weasel), any procyonid (raccoon), any non-bonkers primate (baboons, which are completely terrifying, are exempt). Look at my pet kinkajou, my pet genet, my pet fennec fox, my pet ocelot. And then on the videos of cute furry animals in the wild, you'll see the comments: "omg i want it." When the internet sees a video of a red panda, the internet wants a red panda. Even though a red panda is endangered and a wild animal.
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    By Donna Littlejohn, The Daily Breeze

    When Nigel vanished four years ago, he spoke with a cultivated British accent.

    Little is known about where the African grey parrot went, what he did — or who he was with — in those missing years. But when he was reunited with his owner, Darren Chick, in Torrance last week, the British accent was gone and the bird was chattering in Spanish, often mentioning the name “Larry.”

    The happy reunion began to unfold after veterinarian Teresa Micco — who had been running ads for her own lost African grey parrot, Benjamin — was contacted by the owners of Happy Tails Dog Spa in Torrance, who said they thought they’d found her missing bird at their Torrance home.

    “I heard somebody whistling and saying, ‘Hello? Hello?’ ” said Julissa Sperling, who owns Happy Tails with her husband, Jonathan, and was at home when the queries brought her to the door. “I opened the door and went out — nothing.”


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    If you ever wondered whether dogs had emotions, a video of Duffy the Irish Terrier will answers your questions once and for all.

    Little Duffy had gone blind from complications with diabetes.

    However, his owners from Pennsylvania managed to improve his condition and Duffy was able to undergo restorative surgery to bring back his sight.


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    JOHN W. PILLEY is an emeritus professor of psychology at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has been working with Chaser since 2004 and has published the findings from their work in the Journal Behavioural Processes.

    Pilley has always been a lover of dogs and animals.  His work with Chaser was preceded with his first collie named Fluffy in the 60's, through a gregarious Shepard mutt named Bimbo & a gentle German Shepard giant named Grindle to his first venture into the realm of border collies in 1978 with his beloved family dog Yasha. 

    All of the dogs were quite well behaved and trained however, it was Yasha who would attend class every day with Pilley. And while Yasha's trainings were not scientific, he would assist Pilley in teaching classes with his varied performances which included math (ala Clever Hans), closing doors, retrieving chalk board erasers and various objects left behind in the office.  (as well as a command to "nip" any student that appeared to be falling asleep in class.) Yasha was awarded his own student ID and given passage to area's on campus that other canines were restricted from.  


    Read more at www.chaserthebordercollie.com

    You can also follow Chaser on his facebook