Calm Your Pet for Fourth of July Fireworks.


Fourth of July is upon us and with that brings fireworks. Most of our furry dog friends do not enjoy the excitment of fireworks as many of us humans do.

So what can we do?

There are many things we can do to help calm our pets during our celebration of our declaration of independence from the English in 1776.

1. Prepare a place for your pet so they can feel secure and safe.

2. Because many people can not wait for the sun to go down to light fireworks, take you beloved four legged friend on a long walk or run 1 - 2 hours before dusk. This will tire them out so much, that some dogs will just sleep through the whole celebration.

3. Giving your pet a filling meal containing turkey mixed with their normal food 1 hour before the fireworks start will also help calm your pet just like how eating turkey makes us tired on Thanksgiving.

4. Some of our furry friends will need some type of calming products that should be taken one hour before the fireworks start.

5. Your calm presence helping them to relax during the celebration.

The best way to help your pet is to combine all of the above.

Here at Pet's Delight, we can supply you with many different types of turkey based foods, leashes for walks and calming products that will help get your furry friend to get through 4th of July a little less stress.


Turkey Based dog food we carry:



Calming products we carry:


Click on the image below, print it and bring it in for a 10% dicount on our calming products with purchase of any of our turkey based dog food.

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