Chaser the Border Collie

JOHN W. PILLEY is an emeritus professor of psychology at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has been working with Chaser since 2004 and has published the findings from their work in the Journal Behavioural Processes.

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Yeah, it sounds like an urban legend, but when you see the evidence -- a photo and series of X-rays -- you not only know it's true, but, in a funny way, you have to admire the damn dog.

Nearly 44 socks?

Imagine eating, say, five large pizzas in one sitting and you get some idea of what the Great Dane must of have been experiencing when his owners hauled him into Northwest Portland's the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

The symptoms?

Repeatedly vomiting and retching.

Oh, and not eating.

So they checked him in, filled out all the paperwork and Dr. Ashley Magee took the dog to a back room for X-rays. She found what was described as "a lot of foreign material in his stomach," said Shawna Harch, the hospital's communications specialist.

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What dog food do you use?

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What cat food do you use?

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